Primal Peak's 4 Weeks of Real Food by Shannon Doleac

Primal Peak's 4 Weeks of Real Food

152 Page PDF filled with Tips, Tricks & Nutrition Hacks

The Only Book You Need to Fixing the Family Meal

I crammed everything that I learned or created from scratch into my Four Weeks of Real Food book.

When you open it up for the first time, you’ll see that eating well for yourself and preparing yummy, healthy meals for your family doesn’t have to be a fantasy. It can be your immediate reality!

Here’s some of what you’ll get in my book:

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack ideas for every day of the month
  • Step-by-step instructions for dozens of recipes (along with mouthwatering pictures)
  • Daily tips to increase your mental clarity, body immunity, and digestive health
  • Motivational & insightful facts that you can use to boost your wins
  • Shopping lists, extra online resources & recommended brands that I like

This doesn’t need to be something hard or impossible to achieve. Eating healthy should be what everyone does. Instead, we’re encouraged to grab the “quicker” solution. 

Let me tell you this:

Quicker isn’t better for your body and mind. It’s slowly killing you.

You can and you will do better. And this is how you can!

Mouthwatering Motivation

I’ve formatted Four Weeks of Real Food to be just as great looking as helpful for your nutrition needs. Having motivation is important to establishing new better habits – I know that myself! 

I wanted Four Weeks of Real Food to look visually appealing to let the beauty of real food speak for itself and to let your eyes push you to get started.

Get your copy of FOUR WEEKS OF REAL FOOD – download it now!

“All of the thinking and guesswork was done for me!! Sign me up!! The meals were all delicious and relatively easy to prepare. Every meal was devoured & loved by my family of four.”
– Kim L.

To the success of your next family meal!


What's included?

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Primal Peak's 4 Weeks of Real Food
[Book] Primal Peak: 4 Weeks of Real Food Final
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[Bonus] Fill-in-the-Blanks Menu Planner
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[Free Resource] Shopping List Template
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[Free Resource] Brand Favorites
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[Free Resource] Eating Out Guide
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[Free Resource] Sugar Breakup
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Hi, I’m Shannon!

I am the owner of Primal Peak, a “nutrition specialist” at Copper Moose Farm, and a Board Member for a local non-profit, EATS (Eat Awesome Things at School). In addition to this, I love to help mothers feed their families Real Food.