Eat the Rainbow Cooking Camp by Shannon Doleac

Eat the Rainbow Cooking Camp

Cooking Classes for Kids: Two engaging sessions packed with fun educational activities.

Eat the Rainbow Cooking Camp

These days, times are changing.

But with that change comes new opportunities -- including opportunities for your kids to develop the skills and knowledge they need for a lifetime of good health.

It’s more important than ever right now to help our kids connect with real food.

In a world of fast food, processed snacks, and -- to be frank -- relatively poor nutrition education in schools, it’s essential that parents help our kids cultivate a healthy relationship with food.

Our Eat the Rainbow Cooking Camp introduces kids to cooking, nutrition, and real food.

Your kids will join experienced nutritionists Shannon and Danielle, from Shannon’s kitchen, for an engaging real food adventure that awakens the senses and builds confidence in the kitchen. 

Eat the Rainbow: Two Fun Days of Sensory Exploration and Skill Building

Day 1: The Five Senses

The first day of Eat the Rainbow explores a colorful spectrum of fresh, wholesome foods.

Eating and cooking is about more than just tasting. It engages all the senses. Your kids will create a beautiful and delicious work of art as they learn about cooking and food.

Day 2: Chop Chop

Day two is all about basic kitchen safety tips, general food prep tools, and following recipes. 

In this 24-minute video lesson, Shannon and Danielle, will guide your little chefs through two delicious real for dip recipes – one savory and one sweet – to practice measuring, blending, and exploring new flavors.

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About Your Hosts

Shannon Doleac, founder of Primal Peak

Shannon Doleac believes in the power of real food to support and heal the body, mind, and spirit. She’s on a mission to get more families and kids into the kitchen to connect to fresh ingredients, where healthy food comes from, and each other. 

Shannon is the founder of Primal Peak, has degrees in Exercise & Sports Science, and Psychology, and a Masters in Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism.

Danielle Christy, founder of Savor the Kitchen

Danielle Christy hopes to inspire us all to get back to cooking family meals, and eating around the table together again. She uses whole, fresh, seasonal foods as a personal chef, and loves teaching others about the importance of eating a rainbow of colorful ingredients. 

Danielle is the founder of Savor the Kitchen, a certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and has a degree in Hospitality. 

What's included?

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Day 1: The Five Senses
[Day 1 Video] Eat The Rainbow Kids Camp - 5 Senses
57 mins
[Day 1 Resource] Grocery List
426 KB
[Day 1 Resource] Eat the Rainbow with all 5 Senses
47.6 KB
[Day 1 Resource] Eat the Rainbow - 5 Senses worksheet
26.5 KB
[Day 1 Resource] Yogurt Bark Recipe
208 KB
Day 2: Chop Chop
[Day 2 Video] Eat The Rainbow Kids Camp - Chop Chop
24 mins
[Day 2 Resource] Grocery List
428 KB
[Day 2 Resource] Kitchen Safety Guide
48.2 KB
[Day 2 Resource] Pizza Hummus Recipe
623 KB
[Day 2 Resource] Chocolate Brownie Hummus Recipe
686 KB

Eat the Rainbow FAQs

Do parents need to participate or directly supervise kids during the camp sessions?

This depends on how old your kids are. Eat the Rainbow is designed for kids anywhere from age three to age twelve.

Younger kids may need some help with some of the activities, especially when kitchen knives are involved. Older kids are fine on their own.

Will kids need any prior cooking experience?

Nope! Eat the Rainbow is accessible for newbies as well as kids with some cooking experience.

Can I take this at my own pace or do I have to follow a schedule?

Eat the Rainbow is entirely prerecorded, so you can watch it at your own pace. Plus, you have unlimited access to the materials so you can rewatch the lessons as many times as you'd like!

Hi, I’m Shannon!

I am the owner of Primal Peak, a “nutrition specialist” at Copper Moose Farm, and a Board Member for a local non-profit, EATS (Eat Awesome Things at School). In addition to this, I love to help mothers feed their families Real Food.